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Hydra The multi-headed beast of mythology and now, technology. Seven speakers capable of over 75 Watts of sound vocalized through an SB 32 attached to a 32x CD ROM drive the screaming performance is blazen with Full screen and Wall Projection Video. Weilding a Matrox Millenium II and Rainbow Runner Video capture board with 4 head VCR, HI8 video camera, Betamax Video deck and Camera The Hydra can also output to NTSC for tour de force throughput.

Hydra also has a 1200 dpi single-pass 36bit scanner, plus a Hewlett Packard Office Jet 500 Printer\Fax\scanner copier. . If that is not enough multi-function facilitation, in addition to a standard PS2 mouse, The Hydra offers a Wacom 4x6 pen based tablet, and a four button gamepad for total input possibilites. Primarily feeding most the media that we work with every day into the network the Hydra represents the pentaltimate in hybrid computing solutions. We can be certain that the Hydra will make short work of almost anything we can throw it's way.

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