Beauty and the Beast

NAME: Beauty The Beast
PURPOSE: iNTRAport Workstation
CPU: i586/166MHz i586/166MHz
RAM: 64mb 64mb
HD:2.1GB IDE/PCI (Seagate) 2.1GB IDE/PCI (WD)
6.4GB IDE/PCI (Quantum) 1.2GB IDE/PCI (WD)
VRAM: 2MB PCI (Diamond) 4MB PCI (ATI)
CD:16x IDE (Goldstar) 4x2 CDR SCSI (JVC)
LAN: 10base2 PCI (DEC) 10base2 PCI (DEC)
TYPE: Custom Custom
OS: NT Server Windows '95
4 button gamepad
SHARED:4 speaker system, surge guard, single Natural keyboard/serial mouse/video, audio
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Beauty and The Beast Stellar Twin Towers working together constantly. Sharing vital resources such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound system they are the main viewing screens of our Creative Director, and Administrator, Tate Madler. From these machines he can administrate and accentuate The Studio, clients and sites, as well as develop a number of experimental mediums. Between the Two of them there is 333mHz, 128MB of EDO RAM, and 15 GB of disk space. Beauty and The Beast were unioned in July of 1997 through the use of a dataswitch. Alone each is a force to contend with, together they make make a wonderfully exceptional couple...
Beauty Refering to the the Venus symbol representing form, and function Beauty has many facets inspiring intrigue and creation. Beauty maternally watches over every file worked on by The Studio and serves rights and privelges to the Domain. Majestically adorned with 64mb EDO RAM, Diamond Stealth 64bit 2MB VRAM video card, 12x iNFRAred CD and over 10.5 Gigabytes of capacity. With great composure she manages her own resources as well as those of others. The Beast So named due to a legacy of vehicles by a similar name, and the nature by which it has existed. Actually, this is the Fourth of such notorious vehicles. The name was fitting having known little about the Intel Platform, At that time THe studio was beginning a descent into the heart of the machine, at first on a technical level. Originally a i486/50 with 8MB RAM and 180MB of space and only a 16 color Oak video card and mere 16bit I/O installed. with no other peripherals in January of 1994. Since then the Beast has undergone intensive evaluation and upgrade until becoming a Pentium PCI System with most of it's upgrade offsprings going on to become Hydra.

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