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Obelisk(2) The paramount Olympian tower stands as the sentinel gateway between The Studio and the Internet. Serving E-mail, Intranet, and Internet access internally. The Obelisk is the third aspect of the server tryptic administered by Tate Madler demonstrating security, capability, accessibility, and most of all creativity in reference to Internet as a medium, not just a market.

The namesake remains a 486/66 while this incarnation gives a p6 200mHz machine a run for the money, and buries all types of 166s hands down in benchmarks. Now fully equipt with a full stock of RAM and magnanomous SCSI hard drive this machine is preparing for taking on the full-time job of an Internet web server. Right now it is acting as a dial-up networking server and stands as sentinal backup for Beauty. Currently without a monitor this machine shares the same mouse/monitor/keyboard setup intalled on Beauty and The Beast.

[ 708 ] 652-7581