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When I first came to Qru Studios I had NO computer experience at all. For the first few weeks I kept Winnie-the-Pooh next to me when I worked on the computer so it would not seem so big and scary. When I got my own computer I named it the Hundred Aker Woods after the forest where Pooh and his friends play.

Rabbit says that it is really 100 Akers now because we have a gig and 100 megs (those are funny computer terms - I think Owl made them up). We also have 32 rams but no sheep. Everybody likes to test The Way Things Work on Woods. The strangest part though is that Pooh and I can get on the Internet and we don't even use our modem! Christopher Robin made a list of what IS in the computer so now you all know.

This Hundred Aker Woods is no longer the frolliky place of our childhood. Recent upgrades to a 486/100 with PCI motherboard and a slew of nearly up-to-date peripherals make this machine more closely resemble the Woods after Christopher Robin started going to school and everyone learned to read and had to create their own adventures in the mornings when he was gone. With a hint of sadness the Woods is preparing to move to real woods far away from the LAN. Pooh and I know that Tate (our personal Christopher Robin) has left us with a great big Woods to discover and all the tools we need to create a lifetime of new Adventures.

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