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Phoenix Had risen from a rather dynamic event of dissipation for the group of Qru, and only moments before their immenant departure from New York. The portable nature of this laptop computer gave it privilege of flight and was to mark a new age in the war of information. It is also a slick and sporty little piece with a very large 11.3" screen, a firey Dx4 100mHz CPU, and 16-bit Sound Blaster capatible soundcard. The 540 MB HD is just right to install all required software and any client material or presentation. Now maxed out at 24MB of RAM it serves well not only to test general usage and applications but also spends a good ammount of time just being a workstation. optional PCMCIA devices currently configured are a Xircom Combo Credit Card Adaptor and PCMCIA 28.8 modem. With VGA to TV conversion it simply awaits the projector output as it's breath of fire.

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