The KnowMadz Theology

In the beginning there were people. And all of the people lived on the same land. Some people, those of an adventurous nature, wondered what was beyond the land from whence they came. And these people were the KnowMadz. And the KnowMadz roamed the Earth.

Soon all parts of the Earth became populated as some of the KnowMadz stopped wandering and settled in lands that they found suitable. These people developed cultures and civilizations that varied greatly from each other. But they did share a common truth. All of these cultures and civilizations recognized the inherent spiritual nature of life and that there were powers in existence that were greater than humanity. Each of these cultures found different ways to express this spirituality. Their forms of spirituality became known as the various religions of the world.

Now we, a small band of the original KnowMadz, wish to get in touch with the spirituality of our brethren. With our combined knowledge we have brought together a compilation of some of the religions that developed along our paths through time and space. We do not have contact with all of our great family however and wish you to help us fill in the gaps or make corrections or additions where necessary.

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