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Statement of Purpose

September 1992

The Know Madz exist to unify subcultural movements into a cohesive use of technology with vividness and vitality in craft, fighting against restrictions imposed by the past with voice vehicles of change. Our global campaigns of ideas are posted to free manifestations of art.

    1) To unify subcultural movements into a cohesive society that will challenge the present state of reality.
    2) To argue with the greed that presently hinders the progress of technology. and that information belongs in the hands of common people.
    3) To accurately depict today with vividness and vitality in craft.
    4) To undermine the vocabularies imposed upon us by radio and television.
    5) Restore education to stay compatible with our present reality.
    6) To prove the importance of the self a with common qualities, and purposes as an individual.
    7) At all cost do not promote the need to live precariously through possession that were designed to fail us.

Mission Statement

  • Ad Campaign of Ideas
  • Freedom Fest
  • Implement/Compliment change
  • Intercontinental Libraries
  • Provide Voice Vehicles
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