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This is The KnowMadz Forum
Here you will be able to ask questions and get answers about the many lost tribes of our kind. We are the tribes of civilization as they had migrated and discovered the world and technologies over time. Many of you are probably unaware of their rootedness to the tribes of KnowMad.

Every KnowMad is aware that what they are is what they will contribute, now and for the future. Feeling like being from another time, a different place, or altered perception is quite normal in the age of normlessness where it is most difficult to understand the world surrounding us. Our tribe believes that the human race is a most noble endeavor and encourage understanding our new and reunited global community to create a bond between our past and future relationships. What we discover about each other in the global community will shape our world, forever.

So if you please, feel free to peruse our forum, send us information about your culture, religion, heritage, or other global or community oriented information you would like to add or ask about.

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