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S I T E  A R C H I T E C T U R E

Site Architecture:

Aesthetic and intuitive site navigation with emphasis on elegance and usability.

Human Factors :

Having a developed a keen sense of form and function as a balance not a compromise, The Qru is proud to offer years of experience and experimentation to offer you only the most refined techniques in navigation and implimentation. We know that your site can be examined by over 96 different browsers this month. So we use the most compliant code structures and test in a wide variety of browsers on different platforms.

Advanced Media :

Custom logo design, original images, backgrounds, and photographs. 3d modeling, VRML 2 standard support, environment creation. Analog to digital sound and video conversion, animation, with original source creation facilities.

Site Production :

Pre-existing material including annual reports, newsletters, and marketing material can be converted to On-line global resources. We will review your material convert to a fast effective and attractive web site.

Amenities :

Framed sites, Javascript, image maps, etc.

Accessibility Administration Site Architecture

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