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grey earth
fading earth

Mankind has brought it's original intent to paramount proportions, and extremes. Of course, following every apex is a decline. We embrace ourselves as our vehicle has failed us. The value of human judgment has erred so that the innocent and naive suffer incessantly. Our awareness fails us, as our present contains too many realities for an individual to exert oneself over. Although the technology exists, reaction cannot be felt in a global sense. An individual must refine him/herself and energies to a single or few causes.

Our self awareness is narrowed and numbed to a singular vision much less aware of a big picture. Whereby technology claims our primal needs and more. We as a society (as are most societies)are dependent upon these technologies. most needed access of know-how and materials is limited to haves and have nots wherein much contrast exists.

I.E. People slowly die from starvation under an oppressive government while a restaurant destroys more than a workers weight in food during an eight hour shift.

We know something must change.
We expect that it will, but not for the better.
People, choose for yourself.

You may now exist on a global level of understanding.