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The Inner Outpost
Qru Space linkBase
How big is Qru Space? The World may never know... This is a generalized map to help you get to some of the things we have floating around out here. Please use your scroll bars, and if you get lost pick a cluster of blue stars to return here.
  stars   stars   stars   stars Qube

An overview of Qru installed network technologies.

  stars   stars   stars Latest dispatch
A slide show introducing Qru products and services.
  stars   stars   stars   Miscellaneous debris
Prinicipal of content matter populatiting and proliferating in Qru space.
screw stars   stars
stars Planit
The creative world that exihibiting endowments of content contributions, wisdom, and insight that has transcended the ages and survived great peril. Currently home to a tribe called the KnowMadz. Brought to you exclusively in space provided by Qru.


stars linkBase linkBASE probe
Search or leave links to great places on the Internet sorted by topic in an easy to use format.
moon Planet Hardcorp
Icy home planet to Juggernautic warriors of the Evil Anticorp Incorporated posing constant threat to the harmony of our universe.
  stars   stars  
  stars The Inner Outpost
A space station where Internet sites join other sites that are hosted designed or using technologies like no place on this planet!
inner outpost
stars   stars Snaucer
Our search probe familiar with all the content of Qru space and hosted domains.


Inside the Halls of Qru Studios
INside The Halls
An adventure game brought to you from Qru.

stars star

Hypre Space
A gallery of particular relevance to cellular automata, voxel technology and a multitude of other mathmatical theorems.

stars satelite

Communications device
Send an electronic transmission to Qru members from here.

stars earth Planet Earth
You know... A newly colonized type M planet.

Now inhabited by life forms capable of sophisticated communication techologies so complex that they require the stelar services of the Qru to save them from the forces of chaos, and Anticorp Incorporated.
  stars   stars
A Wander Naut
Follow this space cowboy to see the worlds of Qru in advanced VRML technology.
  outlet to info
A plug
Technical outlet to explain how the tapestry of this Qru Space page was created.
qru star stars   yellow moon

The moon
Secret hidout for the infamous rivals of peace and community on your home planet. From here Anticorp Incorporated watch Earth planning mischief and mayhem for every walk of life - including yours.

  stars   stars   stars   stars

Deep Space shuttle
Will bring you safely
to the edge of Deep space.

stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars spinner stars
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