My Responsibilities as a Student

I am a Lenox School student. I have learned something important. School is not all fun and games. There are some responsibilities involved. These responsibilities help everyone to have a better life. I may have different feelings about some of them, and so might you. Some of these responsibilities are:

Behavior is the #1 responsibility in any school, It makes up the school's image and atmosphere, Good behavior means fun, organization, peace, and less detention. Teachers and students both get rest when they get along with each other. Good behavior is hard to achieve, but well worth the effort on both sides, teacher and student.

Attitude is a major part of having fun in school. If you have a good attitude toward your work, you will do better, feel better, and get good grades. If you have a negative attitude about you work, you will do bad, feel sad, and get bad grades. Negative attitudes are very common. They show up in everything you do, Good attitudes are fairly easy to achieve, and they really pay off.

Classwork and homework are essential to a good life. Getting them done is important. Classwork should be done quietly, and homework should be done neatly and well, Doing this can save you from "F's", as well as an angry principal. Classwork and homework are needed, and should be done with joy, not sorrow.

Helping and caring for People is part of any school. This includes helping people to understand work sharing ideas, and not giving your teacher grief. Friendship is one way to get more fun and understanding from a school than it gives you. Caring for students is needed, and includes several things: not teasing them, helping them, and being friends with them. These things are important everywhere.

All in all, school is more than it seems. It can be enjoyable, fun, and friendly. It also includes having some responsibilities. After everyone understands school, everyone can get more enjoyment and fun out of school.

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