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Domain Hosting$35
a month
Single Pages
3 months
(Including Design)

Space is Available On The Inner Outpost, a virtual community for information and service access as well as a secure marketing environment. A state-of-the-art mecca on-line that harbors many new capabilities and special resource offerings not found anywhere else on the Internet, until now...
On The Inner Outpost, patrons and consumers alike are offered increased accessibility and exposure on a major Intersection of the Internet. This is where Consumers and Businesses meet to conduct secure transactions and find out more about products, services and each other. The goal is to encourage growth and interaction between those going on-line through The Inner Outpost.


Domain Hosting*
-One time $85 setup (includes first month)
-That's only $190 for the first 3 months!
These accounts include:
-unlimited E-mail accounts
-10MB of Web Space
-CGI support
-10 free E-mail accounts (SMTP) forwards
*(.org available to non-for-profit businesses)


Single Pages
$85 for 3 months (includes page design)
$15 quarterly for pre-existing page
Test The waters first!
Single page design and space including:
- up to 2 images
- or, an image and media file
- up to two full typed pages 8.5 X 11 text each.
-You provide the content we will make the page!
Yes, It Is All True! Qru Studios the creators of The Inner Outpost and many other fine sites are now offering premiere hosting services at unprecidented rates.
  • Also offering design services. Just look at the kiosk and domain pages on this site for detailed and fine work done by the Qru at extremely competitive prices.
  • Also you recieve technical expertise from the people that brought you The Inner Outpost.
  • Not only that, but there are many prime features to presence at The Inner Outpost.
  • NO MORE BAD LINKS!!! If a viewer misses a page they can go to the home page. Even if they came from a search engine! No more bum links to reffering pages that brought them there.
  • You can get a deluxe site and hosting services including the widgets and extras
  • any type of file including VRML a three dimensional navigation tool, Midi, AU, WAV formats,Shockwave, Java, QuickTime and a whole lot more.
  • Custom programming for mail scripts, order forms, tours, counters, shopping carts just ask for what you want, we also do delivery.
All accounts can recieve e-mail via smtp forwarding from The Outpost for as low as $3 month

Hosting Design Advertising

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