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Good Web design can normally cost $50,000 and maintenance!
At the Outpost we care more about what you get for your money.
We are proud to announce:

We Do Site Design!!! Advanced HTML and Graphics, Programming backends and database conversion, Interface design, customized to give a consistent well thought out look-and-feel that is easy to navigate. We support the most extensive specifications and test in multiple platform environments using every blend of browser on the market today.

  • Custom Graphics
  • Scanning/ Retouching
  • 3D Graphics/ Environments
  • Transmogrification
  • ProtoSites
  • Retrofitting
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Audio
  • VRML
  • Structure Analysis
  • Original Illustrations
  • Counters/ Statistics
  • Bells and Whistles
  • Copywriting
  • Image Maps
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Databases
  • Order Forms
  • Shopping Cart
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Calender
  • Guest Book
  • Mail Scripts
  • Custom Scripts
  • UNIX/NT Environments
  • Widgets and Extras
  • Random Inserts
  • Rollovers
  • And More...
All Customized to you...

What you need on the Net... Corporate identity. Sophisticated technology and techniques that work anywhere the Internet can go. We believe in your visibility. We have insured that you will have maximum exposure, through the Inner Outpost online Mall. As well we have implimented safegaurds for "lesser browsers".

Why pay them if you can get the best from us?
The staff of Qru Studios Incorporated watches every step of your online process. Proven in our field with prestigious clients, and advanced capabilities. We can select the most appropriate solution for your needs.

The Real advantage... From hosting to on-line provider we offer you the answers you are looking for at a price you can't ignore. We can get your material on-line in a format that most appropriately represents you, your company and your original marketing material. You have already spent thousands on your public image, use the resources you have banked on for global exposure. If you don't have material ready we can help you too!

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