Be Wary Yon Curpharing Wandernaut for thou comst to the Site of the Embassy of Passive Resistance, Conscientious Objection Viva la Resistance. We are the ambassadors of high appeal and substantial portfolios with little or no affiliation with anything that could be construed as incriminating. We cannot and will not participate in anything to avoid minor legal squrimishes.

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Anticorp Inc. is the future of America...

Cornerstone of keystone operations so sophisticated and complex you will never hear anything about them. So official we can't say another word about it, suffice to say, we are high up in the food chain. Not to scoff at the pissants thousands of floors below our penthouse terraces, but to take pity on them all, and promote derisive resistant behavior, spread rumors of betrayal, and do whatever is needed to instill chaos and anarchy, subverting what would otherwise be a chaste and sobering automentia that tempt many into complacent self-inversion in the corporate sector.
Get up, Get out. Do something significant!

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Where You have Been, and How WE CAN GET YOU PAST ALL THAT.

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AntiCorp is a Propogation of Propoganda relating to Mass Media And Society.

Companies That Don't Quite Hate Us...
Even if we are paying their bills.

Eye Hardcorp Inc.

Hardcorp Incorporated Is one of the most illustrious swashbuckling mercenary legions Stationed in the center of the cybrefront. They have assisted with such sordid affairs as Microrave and Taboo Acid. Discretely Hardcorp Incorporated has done work with the likes of a plethora of other organizations that asked (well, actually they begged) to not be mentioned on our site...

Eye The Urban Defense Coalition

The Urban Defense Coalition is the source of creative recreational activity that will make you die, perhaps laughing.

Eye The KnowMadz

Wandernauts extraordinair have a house home base that will inspire you.

Eye The Aunti Productive League

The product of attention span deficiency they do some cool stuff, if they do anything at all.


A tributary toward greater content development worldwide.

AntiCorp Incorporated


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